John Deere Tractor Pictures and Jokes


What did the plow say to the tractor?
Pull me a little closer John Deere!


Crops are green, Tractors are red.

“Why did Case tractors have an Eagle as their symbol? Because they needed the eyes of an eagle to see if they were getting any work done.”


Curtis came out of the local hardware store and saw Leroy driving thru the parking lot on his John Deere tractor pulling a chain.
Curtis, says to Leroy, how come you are dragging that chain behind the tractor? Well Curtis, says Leroy, I sure can’t push it.

Do you know why John Deere’s are green and yellow?
So they can hide in the cornfield when the other tractors go by.


Why do John Deere Tractors plow so well?
They vibrate so much that the ground is already broken up when the plow gets there!

My girlfriend left me and all I got was a John Deere letter.